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Selle Monte Grappa was founded in 1970 by brothers Baggio, we are saddles and accessories manufacturers for bicycles, 100% made in Italy. All products are designed and manufactured by hand in Italy, quality, innovation, research, design and excellent service have ensured that the product Selle Monte Grappa has become a trendy brand all over the world. Our strengths are: excellent product quality, flexibility in terms of delivery, product customization for the customer, sampling available as quickly as possible.

Selle Monte Grappa attentive to the needs of the market continues to invest in the research of design and materials taking care of the choice to ensure maximum comfort and performance the all for easy and safe cycling for the cyclist.

In 2017 we introduced a new brand Selle Bmg, bags, knobs and accessories, high-end brand with an innovative design that contains all the experience accumulated in these years, comfort, design, performance and lightness are the factors that distinguish this new brand for the professional and amateur cyclists who love the challenges of long journeys and nature. Products made with selected components of the highest quality. The whole range is produced by hand, 100% Made in Italy.

Since 2005, the company has created, with the use of the most innovative technologies and qualified personnel, an industrial painting plant for the coating of metal surfaces. Specializing in the treatment of powder coating of special metals and other alloys.